What I want to be when I grow up
I grew up with the Jetsons, the futuristic cartoon family that completed all their household chores by pushing buttons. I thought it would be so cool if one day that would really happen. It seemed like pure fantasy at the time, but today, I push buttons all day long. Those buttons are on my keyboard and I get paid to press them.

I also enjoyed puzzles growing up. Put me and a puzzle in room and I would sit there until I figured it out -- minutes, hours, days. I would try different things, sometimes moving forward, sometimes backwards, but always looking for a way to ultimately reach the goal. It seemed like pure fantasy that I would have a job solving puzzles, but today, I figure out how to make software meet our goals. Software programs are puzzles to be solved and I get paid to solve them.

As a kid, I rode my bike everywhere. I rode to baseball practice. I rode to the store. I rode to my friend's house. Sometimes I would ride just so I could ride. It seemed like pure fantasy that I would be riding my bike once I grew up, but today, I ride my bike to the office. It's called a commute, and it's way more fun than taking the car.

Maybe I don't have to completely grow up.

What you can find on this site
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